Summer 2015

Summer 2015

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Public libraries growing gardens, community

Through a partnership with the state’s leading urban agriculture organization, City Green, two branches of the Paterson Free Public Library and the main branch of the Clifton Public Library have been granted funds and technical assistance to create and sustain community gardens. These projects have served as educational centers for children and as a resource for parents whose children come home with garden-fresh produce every week. Learn more...


Librarians as information lifeguards

Summer is a time for me to catch up with my reading: I like to fill in the edges and extremes I must forego during the school year. As a middle school librarian and high school English teacher with a British Lit background, I have every intention of reading something classic and challenging. However, I usually seek the comfort of the YA lit I do not have time for during the school year. Summer reading also makes me think of the beach and the fact that in New Jersey we are never too far away from the ocean. I started a list of how librarians (and all other service jobs) are like lifeguards. Learn more...


East Orange Public Library serves up
lunch alongside summer reading

For the second year in a row, the East Orange Public Library, where many of the city’s youth participate in the Library’s Summer Reading Program, will serve as one of our locations. This program, under the sponsorship of the United States Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Services, provides all children up to 18 years of age with free meals to help fill the nutrition gap of the nearly 75% of our children who are eligible to receive free or reduced meals during the school year. Learn more...



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