In the news: Northvale comes together for a municipal library

northvaleThanks to the tireless work of library champions - like yourselves! - in Northvale, a small Bergen County community that 4,700 people call home, the importance of municipal library service has been made clear.

In 2011, the Northvale Library, an association library, closed its doors due the lack of funding. In its place a library and community center offered tenuous service to the community. Under the leadership of Daryl George and Kathy Brunet, a grassroots committee formed to advocate for a new municipal library – one that was not in jeopardy of losing its municipal funding and solely dependent on donations, and one that would be required to have a trained librarian on staff.  On November 4, 2014, residents voted to fund their town library, sending a powerful message to lawmakers.

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