Spooky Spectacular @ Maywood Public Library

Date: October 19, 2012   Time:  6:30 pm
Join us as we, Monster Mash with the Mad Scientists, watch a paper spider morph into an ‘live spider’ leaping out of its cage!
We will hear the tale of The Count and Countess Eggbert as they take on the wicked witch and melt her right before our very eyes!
Watch in awe as we take a look at Mr. Bernoulli’s Mad experiment with air as make an eyeball float! Keep your eyes on that one!! Then as the freaky frightening finale, we will cool things off with the eerie world of dry ice.
We will create bubbling potions, fearsome fog, witches brew and screaming scissors that just can’t take it anymore! Join us for an evening of gruesome goodness, and freaky fun!

Maywood Public Library
459 Maywood Ave