Fresh Start Re-Entry Program @ Long Branch Public Library

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Have you just returned home from an incarceration? Be sure to stop by the library soon after your release. The library offers many resources, services and programs to help ensure a successful and positive transition back into society.

The Long Branch Free Public Library is proud to announce the new Fresh Start Re-Entry Program. The program is just one of many tools that the Long Branch Free Public Library offers to help ensure your success and includes free, private sessions with a trained, friendly staff member.

The Fresh Start Re-Entry program begins with a private hour session designed to assist you in developing a job search plan. This plan will identify your immediate job search needs and offer a personal strategy to help meet those needs.

Based upon your job search plan, you will be offered up to 11 private scheduled sessions and five free pages of printing. Because you are in absolute control of your plan, you decide what sessions you would like schedule, which include: four free computer lessons, four online job search sessions, two free resume writing sessions, and one follow up session.